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About Amna B Interiors

Discover Amna B Interiors, where exceptional design and functionality converge.
As a luxury design firm based in Houston, we specialize in crafting personalized and captivating living spaces. With a keen focus on timeless elegance and your unique style, we collaborate closely with you to transform your space into something truly remarkable. Welcome to a world of extraordinary design.

Amna Badat 
Founder & Principal Designer

Amna, the principal designer and founder of Amna B Interiors, has been the driving force behind our firm's remarkable success for over a decade. With a deep passion for design that extends beyond her professional life, she finds inspiration not only in creating custom looks for homes of all sizes and styles but also in the world of floral design. Amna's ability to connect with clients, understand their unique vision, and pay meticulous attention to detail ensures that every project exceeds expectations. Her unwavering dedication to excellence sets the tone for our team, fostering a commitment to delivering outstanding results. Outside of work, she finds joy and balance in her role as a businesswoman and a mother, cherishing time with her loving husband and two wonderful children.

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Erin Adams

Erin, a seasoned designer at Amna B Interiors, brings a wealth of experience from her nine years in the Houston design industry. With a deep appreciation for the grandmillennial style, Erin seamlessly blends classic and contemporary elements to create timeless and inviting spaces. Her love for design is only matched by her love for her family, including her two children, Claire and Ben, and her supportive husband. Beyond her design expertise, Erin is also a devoted metal head and finds inspiration in the power and energy of the genre. At home, she shares her space with two beloved dogs, Udo and Dio, who bring joy and a sense of adventure to her life. Erin's passion for design and unique personality make her an invaluable member of our team, consistently delivering exceptional results that reflect her client's individuality and style.

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