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Baby Girl's Floral Nursery with Vintage Accents

Finding out we are expecting a girl was one of the most exciting moments of my pregnancy. My friend/photographer planned a surprise photo shoot, and I actually did not peek at the result for an entire day! We had no idea until we popped the balloons with pink confetti! :D Immediately after, I began planning the nursery. Well, I had started months earlier, but I could fully focus on it being girly now! I designed 3 different themes: a floral vintage, a night sky and stars/moons, and a baby animal one. Then I let my husband (J) choose his favorite; thank God he picked the one I wanted all along, too!

The design board for the nursery.

The first thing I chose was the main paint color. Flamingo feather totally caught my eye, and Pink Mirage (an almost white pink) for the moulding to break up the pink.

Second, I chose a wallpaper. Originally I was set on this beauty by Jolie Designs, but then a fellow designer friend sent me a few samples.

This bright one went well with the room, but after putting up a poll on my Instagram, the original choice won out.

The room we chose to convert to the nursery was originally our guestroom; which was painted a light purple with blue/grey moulding and a taupe/beige top portion.

For the mirror, I searched for a couple weeks, and then decided a DIY would have to do (post coming soon). I found a mirror on markdown at HomeGoods with the perfect frame. The only problem- it wasn't a vintage gold, but a silver. Nothing a layer of spray paint and some Rub N Buff couldn't fix. While shopping with my fellow designer-friend (Erin), we came across the perfect pouf. Furry white with storage inside! Score!! The rest of the art and accessories began to come together quickly. I found the perfect vintage style lamp in the closet of this room when emptying it out -I forgot I had it. The rocking sheep was one of the things J wanted from the start, so I ordered one online. The room is coming together but with only 4 weeks left, we need to go into overdrive! More updates coming soon!!! :D

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