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One Room Challenge- Week 3: Coffee Table Switch, Rug, Hurdles

I can't believe its already week 3!!

As of last week, the rug, which was back ordered for almost a month has arrived. Yayyy!!

Here is a reminder of how it looks:

The coffee table I originally chose was also back ordered...until November 6. During the "Friends and Family" sales I found a better option, and canceled the original. The original was a wood top with a faux marble veneer, and World Market happened to have one with an actual marble top. It was almost 3 times the cost, but with the 30% off on all items, it was definitely a great buy. The craziest part- the day we picked up the table, I received an email that the back ordered table was now available, too!!

Here is the original table:

And, here is the one I ended up going with. The only downside- it's super heavy!!!

The lamp also arrived this week, so that is set up. For the wall above the faux board and batten I originally wanted a wood wall, but now I am leaning towards an ultra modern wallpaper instead. Either way, the frame on the chalkboard has to be removed and the wall has to be patched for that!

Here are a few wallpaper options I like:

Working on the ORC simultaneously with the nursery has been somewhat of a challenge, and not being able to move things around myself is a bit frustrating, but time constraints are always a great motivator :D

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