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One Room Challenge- Week 3: Coffee Table Switch, Rug, Hurdles

I can't believe its already week 3!!

As of last week, the rug, which was back ordered for almost a month has arrived. Yayyy!!

Here is a reminder of how it looks:

NuLoom Geometric Rug

The coffee table I originally chose was also back ordered...until November 6. During the "Friends and Family" sales I found a better option, and canceled the original. The original was a wood top with a faux marble veneer, and World Market happened to have one with an actual marble top. It was almost 3 times the cost, but with the 30% off on all items, it was definitely a great buy. The craziest part- the day we picked up the table, I received an email that the back ordered table was now available, too!!

Here is the original table:

Williston Forge Ariannna Table

And, here is the one I ended up going with. The only downside- it's super heavy!!!

World Market Knox Marble Coffee Table

The lamp also arrived this week, so that is set up. For the wall above the faux board and batten I originally wanted a wood wall, but now I am leaning towards an ultra modern wallpaper instead. Either way, the frame on the chalkboard has to be removed and the wall has to be patched for that!

Chalkboard is visible on the right.

Here are a few wallpaper options I like:

Working on the ORC simultaneously with the nursery has been somewhat of a challenge, and not being able to move things around myself is a bit frustrating, but time constraints are always a great motivator :D

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