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Mid-Century Modern Bonus Room Updates!!!

So obviously, I was not able to complete the One Room Challenge in time- Baby Sophia arrived on week 4 of the ORC. The room is mostly complete now and here are some of the items I have added.

One of the main pieces we previously had in this space was the large, dark entertainment center. It always seemed to look cluttered, so with the new design, I wanted to go with a much smaller and less prominent piece. Here is a reminder of the original piece:

In the search for the new piece, I knew it had to be a mid-century piece, had to be real wood (not particle board) so it would last for a long time, and had to complement all the existing pieces. These were a few of my choices:

Dekisa Mid Century Modern

I did like this piece, the Dekisa Contemporary, but it wasn't made of solid wood, and I knew the middle section would start to look cluttered.

This one was solid wood, but that random pattern looked strange up close (almost bumpy).

This Tessuto piece made of solid Tobacco wood was definitely my favorite, but the price was also the highest and out of the budget I had set.

I knew I would get bored of this sideboard pretty quickly, and the legs seemed a bit unsubstantial. In the end, I had a stroke of good luck! A 20% off coupon appeared in my inbox, plus I added some reward points I had racked up, and I ended up purchasing the Tessuto piece for less than I would have normally paid for the others!!! **Happy dance** It looks great in the room, and so far it has been super sturdy. I will be posting update/reveal pics of the room soon, so stay tuned!

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