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One Room Challenge: Office Space

So, I decided to give the One Room Challenge another shot. This time, I will be transforming J's office into a cool, masculine, and functional space. I originally did this room about 5 years ago, but he has since changed what he uses it for...and this was designed in his 20s...gotta bring it up to date ;)

I know exactly what he wants, as he will point out things over the years that he likes, but he has no idea that this is the room I will be transforming!

Anyways, here are some before pics of the room:

Over the years, the space has become sort of a catchall, and a lot of random decor items end up here.

These holes in the wall were from a TV he had mounted but used a total of ZERO times:

So far, we have one piece that will stay for sure; this leather wingback chair we got last year from West Elm. I linked a similar one they still carry- I can't find this "cigar" color anymore.

I know I want to go with an abstract rug, lots of shelving for our books (we got rid of the shelves in the game room last year and there are books EVERYWHERE), and a calm, relaxing space conducive to reading.

So far, I like this rug and this lamp:

More updates coming this Thursday! :D

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