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  • Amna Badat

One Room Challenge: Setbacks Galore

I guess you can't really have a project without setbacks, right?

We all got sick this week; even Sophia. It started as one thing and then morphed into others.

We had to postpone all plans for this week, BUT I will share a few of my inspiration rooms.

I love the feel and vibe of this room. It has a masculinity along with elegance and functionality. The use of classics like a Chesterfield with modern pieces is awesome!!! Definitely a win!

I really like the built-in wall mounted desk in this one. Its similar to the layout we already have, which works great.

Hoping to come back with a LOT more done/purchased/ripped out/installed next Thursday!!

**EDIT: We decided to postpone this room until the Fall 2018 ORC.**

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