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Glamorous Green Living Room

Ever since I read "Gone With The Wind," for the first time, at eleven years old, I have been obsessed with green velvet. For those that have not read this masterpiece; Scarlett, the main character, is going through some super rough times and needs a new dress (in order to find a new husband). It is set during the Civil War so there is much scarcity, and being the resourceful woman she is, she rips down the fancy, green velvet curtains in her childhood home and has her "Mammy" transform them into a beautiful dress.

I never watched the movie, but this seems like a good depiction.

A few years ago, I found what at the time was THE PERFECT green, velvet sofa and planned my living room around it. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately :D ) it never came to fruition (2 back-orders and a flood), but NOW it is finally happening!!!

I will be transforming my living room in 6 short weeks, into a glamorous, green, Hollywood meets modern space!

Since I laid my eyes on this beauty in 2015, I wanted it...I only wished the back were lower and it wasn't as boxy!!!

It's crazy how things work out- the day after I put the order in AGAIN on this, I went shopping for a piece for another room and came across an even better version of this. Not only is the back lower, it also has a ton of curves <3 <3 I canceled this one as fast as I could and now we are going to be receiving the new one!!

My current rug will be staying, as will one small end table, but EVERYTHING else is out.

Here is my color scheme, plus the dark, moody color of the fireplace is also staying.

Here is a shot of the mantel wall which will be staying this color.

This sofa and coffee table are out:

And, here is a side that I have never shown- the condition of the current sofa, thanks to Fluffy:

As you can see, it is definitely time for an upgrade!! Stay tuned and follow along for the next 6 weeks as I tackle this major project!!

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