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Week 2: This is Actually Happening!

Hello and welcome!!

It's Week 2 of the #oneroomchallenge!! If you missed week 1 you can read all about it here.

This week, I got some major pieces in and removed a bunch of old items. The first being our old, curved sofa. Someone is also picking up this round coffee table this weekend, so for now its shoved into a corner, along with both end tables and ALL the accessories.

The best part of all: the sofa arrived!!! It's so perfect and exactly what I had been dreaming of all these years. Here is a sneak peek picture I took in store and sent to the husband. I obviously did not buy the cushions they had styled on there.

I also now have a "new" rug. The best part about most wool, flat weave rugs; you can flip them over!! Three years of wear and tear are instantly hidden. Now to find a way to make sure Fluffy doesn't scratch up the new side, too.

This week, I will be doing the following:

- Repainting the large side wall that extends through the living room and breakfast room and into the kitchen. It's a lavender color, which I was never very fond of, but dealt with for the past 6+ years because it was a lot of wall to repaint. See super old picture of my breakfast room below for the lavender color.

- Extending the charcoal paint on the mantel wall out through both niches. (Random side story: I could not find the paint color name anywhere. After 15 minutes of searching, I went to my Instagram page (amna_b_interiors) and, lo and behold, I had written the paint color in a caption all those years ago. The yellow arrows show where I will extend the charcoal paint out.

- I am also on the hunt for the perfect window treatments. I've had some in mind for years, but must find them if they exist. - Coffee table!!! I will talk about this next week. It deserves an entire post.

For more updates, follow my Instagram page and check out the "ORC Fall 2018" tab under stories. I will be posting a lot of daily progress on there. See ya'll soon!!

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