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One Room Challenge: Week 3!! Green Glam Continues..

Y'all. I cannot believe its already Week 3!! The halfway point! I'm semi-freaking out. See Week 1 here and Week 2 here.

This week, I mostly did a lot of planning. I chose new paint colors. I found a painter- because no way am I going to be able to pull this off with Sophie underfoot...and honestly, I just really despise taping.

So, let's talk paint colors. I always imagined a dark grey/blue paint on the main wall of the living room, but then I realized this same color would have to continue into the breakfast room, as well as the kitchen. In the end I chose "Nebulous White" with the help of my mini assistant.

Nebulous White By Sherwin Williams
My Assistant

I also got rid of A LOT of stuff:

- The old tables.

- The large blue slipper chair:

(You can see where Fluffy scratched the rug right in front of the chair.)

- And, A TON of accessories/vases/candles. Like 6 boxes full. We have been loving the green sofa so far. Its a lot deeper than the old one, and also longer, so the whole family can hang out comfortably together.

As promised in my last post; let's talk about the coffee table. Originally, I had planned on getting a brass and glass table, but after having end tables in that look, I'm kind of over it now. Then, with a stroke of good luck, I found a local business selling REAL ITALIAN MARBLE tables in the perfect grey!!! I grabbed a friend and we sped to pick them up. Funny story: we get there and they see us and automatically assume we need help. (They were right about me). So, 3 men start struggling to lift the medium sized tabletop. They were literally heaving and sweating. We had to drop a few pieces off and go back for the second batch, and the men were nowhere to be seen. My friend walks up to the larger one, lifts it BY HERSELF, and sticks it in my car. Right at that moment they appeared and just seeing the look on their faces was almost better than finding the perfect tables.

And here is the tabletop (sorry for the fuzzy phone pic):

The painters are coming tomorrow at 8AM and I cannot wait to see how it all looks tonight! Stay up to date on my stories for lotssss of progress shots.

After the walls are painted, a lot will be happening in a short period of time, so be ready for a jam packed post next week! As always, thank you so much for reading, and welcome all of my new visitors!! So happy to have y'all! <3

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