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Decisions, Setbacks, and Progress. One Room Challenge: Week 4

It's Week 4! This week literally FLEW by!

Here are Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

I managed to:

- Paint all the walls (not myself).



- Remove and donate all existing window treatments and rods/hardware. (A lady came to pick up a table and it turned out she had lost everything during Harvey. She loved the window treatments, some art I had removed, and some random accessories, so it all went home with her. Definitely a win-win situation!)

- Purchased ottoman/ poufs in a complementary color. This green and pink totally reminds me of the 90s, but in a good way.

- Purchased new rods/hardware! I love these so much!!!!

- Ordered partial new window treatments. Shades will probably take a while. My original plan to do a custom cornice board was going to be a little too extra for this rods and drapes and shades it is.

This week I will be:

- Installing the new rods:

- Hanging the new drapes as soon as they arrive.

- Finalizing art

- Painting and hanging up the picture ledges.

The biggest setback has to be the chairs. I picked out these beautiful, luxurious chairs, but in typical Amna B fashion, decided to wait on it. Just because. And, of course, they went on back-order just as I went to order them. I'm hoping and praying they come in earlier than anticipated, but currently, the date for them to arrive is early December. We shall see. Here they are in all their glamorous glory:

For a day, I thought about reversing the pink and black; blush pink chairs and black stools, but then decided against it. So, back to waiting on these beauties!

Along with all of this, Saturday is Sophia's 1st Birthday and we will be hosting our ENTIRE family. All of my siblings and their spouses and kids, all of J's siblings plus spouses and all of Sophia's wonderful grandparents! She has six (lucky girl <3), plus one amazing great grandma. I'll be posting a lot of pictures and videos in my stories of all the DIY birthday decor I have simultaneously been working on, so look out for those.

And, as always, don't forget to follow me on Instagram and check out my daily updates on stories! Thanks for reading!

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